Rapid And Sustainable Growth

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Rapid And Sustainable Growth

How we do it

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"Desperation Leads to Innovation"

As ENTREPRENEURS we help innovative companies scale their business faster and we know that meaningful, rapid and sustainable growth only comes with strategic, data-driven experimentation. Forget low ROI high budget branding campaigns, this is the real stuff.


Increase Customer Acquisition

A successful company should have a continuous lead flow, never wasting money in the wrong channels.

  • Increase your traffic and generate leads
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns
  • Get traction for new product launches
  • Enhance your SEO and Content Marketing
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Increase Customer Acquisition

Increase Conversions

From qualified leads to online purchases, we’ll optimize your full funnel to increase conversion rates. Our data-driven strategy and rapid experimentation process will help you significantly increase conversion by creating frictionless user journeys.

  • Optimize your onboarding process
  • Automate your onboarding communication
  • Remove activation bottlenecks
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Increase Conversions

Reach Sustainable Growth

Our fuel is a complete, operative and realistic growth marketing plan. We perform an extensive growth audit and turn it into a marketing roadmap, having an accurate and thorough understanding of your customers and how they buy from you.

  • Take the best decision with real insights
  • Accurate funnel analysis
  • Increase your payable customer base
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Reach Sustainable Growth

Growth Process

Performance oriented iterative process. Here’s where magic happens.

Gather Data & Analyze

Essential for the long-term sustainability of the strategy.

Assemble Growth Plan

A plan that integrates all aspects of the business, aligning them with the expected Growth.

Set Precise Objectives

Set actionable, measurable and realistic goals using OKRs methodology.

Design Experiments

A/B/C...Z testings. From Gamification to Website Optimizations, Integrations or Product Improvements.

Build & Launch Experiments

Following 80/20 rule to gather “Lean Learning”.

Measure Data

Discard Vanity Metrics. We are looking into real Actionable Metrics.


And repeat. The speed and efficiency of this virtuous cycle is the key to scalable growth.

Growth Solutions

We deliver specific results for specific pain points and business targets. Holovox will implement the agreed Growth Action Plan, keeping you constantly updated on the results and performing all the necessary actions to achieve the desired result. If you are a startup or a company that outsources part of its IT and Web operations, Holovox can work with your existing setup.

Community Building

Being successful with Social Media for business comes down to creativity and engagement.

Performance Marketing

Managing, testing, refining and ultimately, improving campaigns that exist within a pay per click marketing campaign.

Content Marketing

Engaging content effectively attracts and educates your potential customers.


Our goal is to have a website 100% optimized for the conversion and the best user experience.

SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization is something dynamic and as such, it needs to change and adapt all the time.

System Development

Implementation, integration and development of business systems aligned with growth processes.

Marketing Automation

Use software to market more efficiently and personalized on multiple channels online.

Growth Plan Management

Build, Manage, Implement and Report on a Growth Plan that targets, KPIs, analytics/measurement techniques, and the key milestones.


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